Blinkie Pricing and Details

Ready to order a blinkie, banner or both? Here are my current prices.

Single Blinkie (150 x 50): $10.00

Standard Banner (468 x 60): $15.00

Store Banner (*size varies): $15.00

Complete Designer Package: $30.00
Fan blinkie, CT blinkie and Standard Banner

* Store banner sizes vary depending on the store. I will make the banner to fit whatever size your store requires.

When you're ready to order, please email me at and we'll sort out the details.

You will need to send me the elements/papers you would like me to use in your blinkie. Ideally, they should be your own graphics. If they are not, you must have permission to use these graphics for this purpose. If you are using graphics other than your own, I will need to have verification from the designer that you have permission to use them.

Once we've sorted all that out and I'm ready to get started, I'll ask you to come back to this site to send your payment via PayPal.

Thanks for choosing me. I can't wait to get started on a custom blinkie just for you!